“Thinking of Technical Capability enhancement to grow your business, choose our BE’n’KA’s Coaches and Mentors”

BEnKA recognizes that the cutting edge to the development is the quality of the key personnel implementing. Our efforts are directed towards development of these human resources skills.

We at BEnKA training believe in delivering quality Learning & Skill Development solutions that have a direct & measurable impact on individual’s growth and client’s key performance indicators. We promote quality coaching and mentoring programs to students, GIS experts and Agriculture and natural resources experts, land information experts, business development team and techno-commercial team

Business Development

  •   Business process monitoring
  •   Strategy and planning
  •   Market research, sales and        marketing techniques
  •   Project development, concept        designing, proposal writing
  •   Business development team skill        building
  •   Partnership building
  •   Client management
  •   Project management

GIS & Remote Sensing

  •   Basics of Remote Sensing and GIS
  •   Satellite Image processing and        interpretation techniques
  •   Mapping techniques for crop acreage        and production estimation
  •   Geo-processing tools such as data        conversion, data processing and map        layout creation
  •   GIS analysis for land evaluation and        crop suitability zonation
  •   GPS based Crop, soil and land use        survey techniques
  •   GIS analysis for land evaluation and        crop suitability zonation
  •   Watershed mapping,        characterization and classification

Advance Geospatial Technology

  •   Modeling and Analysis for        Agriculture information
  •   Integrated Watershed management        and Sustainable Agriculture
  •   Perspective Land use planning and        agriculture development
  •   Sustainable Land and Urban        Management
  •   Beyond mapping, conceptualization        for sustainable agriculture and food        security
  •   Modeling and analysis technique for        land and water resource        development planning
  •   Smart Planning
  •   Land Information System
  •   Urban Land & Property management
  •   Disaster Management & Mitigation