Geospatial Technology A Requisite for Agribusiness Sector

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A BEnKA’s Initiative

Dinesh Kar
Geospatial Agribusiness Expert
Technical Advisor, Benka Consulting

BEnKA Consulting is delighted to announce 2016 seminar series on GIS & Remote sensing (RS) for Agriculture. The aim of our Initiative is to promote and enhance importance of Geospatial technologies in the field of Agribusiness sector.

Be it the challenges on climate change, sustainable agriculture or food security, business growth needs of Agri-input industries, Agriculture R & D organizations, private investors or institutions and development need of agriculture farms, administrative natural resource planning; Geospatial technology plays a major role in addressing all of these.

BEnKA’s focus through these seminar series is to transfer the knowledge for designing and implementation of concepts and Models using RS & GIS technologies for Agriculture produce based companies and Technical professionals (Students, Private & Government)

Our approach is to involve the participants in the live interactive sessions with our experts. The sessions will allow participants to network with industry experts who are rich global experience.. During the seminar, along with the skill development on quick mapping techniques, the main emphasis will be concepts of beyond mapping enabling decision making ability for clients in implementation of mission focused projects.

The seminar will set the avenue to develop skills through advanced customized trainings suitable for individuals or group requirements.

The session will benefit students and GIS experts who are working in Natural resources, for experts from Agri Industry who are using GIS for their decision making and also for business experts who are designing and developing projects for national and international clients.
The first seminar series is going to be held in Hyderabad, India in January-February 2016. Interested members are welcome to get connected with us through mail; or
“BEnKA consulting wishes all its reader a very happy and prosperous new year 2016”
Happy Learning, Happy Knowledge Sharing.

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